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Tutorial "sunrise over Venice" Plus one RAW-file

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This is my brand new advanced post processing tutorial „sunrise over venice“! In this tutorial i show you how to bring a very boring cityscape photo straight out of camera to a really beautiful and interesting picture full of light and colors and shining...full of structures and depth. The techniques are easy to follow along. I do not use luminance masks or smart objects. You will get more than 3 hours of high end video content about my entire digital workflow from start to finish. Also you will get the Raw-File. Some of the demonstrated techniques are:

- Camera settings

- RAW-Processing in Adobe Camera RAW

- Adding light reflections on the buildings using my own technic

- Adding sky and sky partial

- Creative cropping and perspective control

- adding objects to the main picture

- masking techniques

- Enhancing the mood using my special technic

- Local contrast adjustments

- Advanced light painting

- adding glow with nik software

- adding glow with structures

- Selective color adjustments

- Color Contrast

- using Topaz clarity

- sharpen the picture

-adding a sun flare

-remove objects

-reducing grain

In this video i use adobe photoshop, the raw converter from photoshop, Nik software and Topaz. Right after the purchase you will receive a link where you can download the video. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on my website.