Photo-Tours Meteora - carsten bachmeyer

Photo-Tours Meteora

Date:  03-08 okt. 2019                       Difficult Level: easy                              Price per person: 1350 €

Start: Athen Airport                                                                                  single room supplement 150 €

Group Size: 7 people

included: all transfers from athens and back, hotel with breakfast

not included: the flight to athens, lunch and dinner


The Tour will start on 3. oct. 2019 in Athens and will take 5  days. From Acropolis/Athens to Kalambaka and back to athens. We will have a lovely Hotel with a pool and a breathtaking Meteora-View.

Meteora is one of the most unique and breathtaking places in the world. The Monasterys high on these peerless Rocks are in the middle of a fairytail landscape with old stonebridges from 1800 and beautiful waterfalls and streams...big lakes and a forest like in the alps.

Lenses: wide angle and zoom

Betty and Boomer enjoying the breathtaking view down the valley of Meteora/Kalambaka

Monastery Rossanou

Unbelieveble sunsets and views

Unbelieveble places near Meteora in unexplored landscapes

The breathtaking view from "panorama" directly above the beautiful Monastery Rossanou

The highest Monastery from Meteora early in the morning at about 6 o clock

Blue hour photography...waiting for a car to pass

The famous old stonebridges 90 minutes from Meteora

Meteora sunsets

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